Fundraising 2017:

Summer families are required to sell 4 boxes of chocolates ($160 up front, and all money will be reclaimed as you sell the chocolates)

Many families choose to pay out $80 and not sell chocolates.

Families are also required to pay $100 fundraising deposit. This is a post-dated cheque which will be ripped up if you make your 100 fundraising points. NOTE: $20/pts can be carried over from each of the fall and winter sets. If you swam fall and winter, you only have a $60 fundraising deposit.

Fundraisers for 2017

SAVE YOUR BOTTLES for our annual Bottle Drive on Saturday June 17th at Centennial Park (just up from the Leisure Centre on Grand), 8 am – 1 pm.


Please check back regularly for other opportunities or contact Leah at with any questions.