Information and Tips for Parents

There have been a few things brought to my attention that need to be addressed.

1.       We are asking that all swimmers change and enter through the change rooms provided.  We ask that children not change in the viewing area remember this area is on video.


2.      All swimmers must wear appropriate foot wear on deck especially from the change rooms to outside area where warm ups take place.


3.       It is very important that swimmers do not enter the pool  until their practice time.  Remember that swimmers are only insured by Mission Marlins during their practice time.   Swimmers should be paying for public swimming if they plan on entering the pool before or after swim practice.


4.      Swimmers under no circumstances are allowed in the hot tub before or after  practice.


Practices: Coaches will assign each swimmer to a group based on similar age and ability level.

Swimmers may attend all practices made available to them, but it is not mandatory to attend all of them.

Please do not interrupt practice to speak to the coaches…a Parent and Coach Liaison, Sonya Klatt, is the person to contact if you have any questions to wish to discuss any aspect of the program. She is usually on the pool deck in the viewing area. Or you can contact her at:

Sign up for the Swim Meet: before your swimmer is entered into a swim meet it is your responsibility to sign them up for the meets that you wish to attend. The sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the Leisure Center viewing area about two weeks before the meet. You will also need to check the validation sheet before the meet to make sure that they were entered correctly.

Link to BCSSA‘s Tips for Parent’s New to Swim Meets,

What to bring: lots of towels, a spare bathing suit, plenty of water to drink, lots of nutritious food and snacks, lawn chairs, old blankets or sleeping bags, reading material, games or cards, goggles, swim cap, team clothing, tent or pop- up…Be prepared for all sorts of weather because most of the meets that we attend are outdoor meets. Many families camp at the meets either in tents or trailers.  Swim meet warm-ups are very early in the morning and all children are expected to attend warm-ups if they are participating at the meet.

Tip: bring lots of warm clothing for the morning.

We all like to set up our day areas in one spot so look for other Mission Marlin members first thing in the morning because someone has usually staked out a spot for the team.  You will need to be aware of which events you are entered in so find out first thing and be aware throughout the day so that you do not miss your race.

Tip: purchase a swim program as soon as you get to the meet and highlight all races that you are entered in.
Not all meets are the same. Some are timed finals and some have heats and finals.

Tip: before you leave a meet make sure that you are not in finals and never leave a meet if you have signed up for a relay. Your teammates are counting on you.  Make sure you go talk to your coach both before and after every race.

We are a very social group so plan on camping at some of the meets. We always have a lot of fun!!
This is just some of the information that you will need to know this summer.  Throughout the season try to meet the coaches, other parents and the executive so you know who to hunt down when you have more questions that you need answered.

All swimmers in Div 1 and up will be subject to disqualifications. They say swimming teaches us many things and being disqualified after a hard swam race is one of those tough things to accept. It is best to talk with your swimmer before it happens and explain the rules. To find out more about disqualifications and what the Officials are trained to watch for, attend a Stroke and Turn Clinic. Clinics are for all parents who are interested in learning more about officiating.

Swim meets are run totally by volunteers. It is expected that every family provide a helper at some time during each meet. There are many jobs to be done that require little or no experience. Our club’s officials can help you find a job that is suitable for you. Training for officiating is done during the meet at any meet. Officials are well fed and have the best seat in the house!!