2016 Summer Swimming

 Cost:  $275 ($25 reduction for each additional swimmer)

Payment options cheque or cash: if post-dating cheques, dates are as follows:

March 15th 2016

April 15th 2016

May 15th 2016

Fundraising Fees

Chocolate bars post-dated June 15th 2016 (Selling $160 or paid out $80)

Volunteer Points post-dated Aug 15th 2016 ($100) If your child swam in the maintenance sets, you can reduce the above amount by $20 for fall and $20 for winter

First Day of Classes:   Monday May 2nd, 2016

Coaches will divide swimmers into groups based on ability not age.  The times will be either 3:30-4:30pm/ 4:30-5:30pm /5:30-6:30pm    Monday-Friday.  Tentative groups will be emailed out before the first day of classes after registration.

More information on: Club Fees/Registration Page

More information on practice times and other tips on: Information and Tips for Parents page